Let’s create something awesome together

Please feel free to get in touch with me on any of the platforms below. Of course you can also just send me an old-school email, too. I always enjoy a nice talk and I'm interested in exciting projects (also for the good and on a voluntary basis!). I'm glad to help and try to anwser as soon as possible.


I’m tweeting about my life, music, design and other random things. I’m on Twitter since 2014 and It's my primary source for news.

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I often use photos from Unsplash for projects, if there are no photos or I don’t like the ones given. But I also contribute to the community.

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I occasionally use Codepen to experiment and also sometimes to share interactions, hover states and solutions to developers.

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I just started to publish my work on Behance and I use it to find inspiration. I like the variety of content more than on Dribbble.

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I’m doing the usual stuff on Linkedin. Following the updates of colleagues, networking and learning skills.

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That's the european version of Linkedin. Interesting enough, I worked on some projects for the platform.

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