My mother made websites with Microsoft FrontPage


In my childhood my mum created websites for businesses and friends as a hobby. Everything she needed was the legendary Microsoft FrontPage and the Corel Draw Clipart book. I guess this inspired me to become what I am today – a designer who also codes. I'm the impersonification of a WYSIWYG editor.

I'm creating digital products since 2007. It all started as a hobby, but back then I couldn’t image that this could be my actual job. I tried some jobs in internships and then started working full-time as a web developer. Currently I'm working as a Senior User Interface Designer.

A product of different origins and cultures

I was born in Germany and I still live there. But the family of my mother’s side is from Portugal, where I’ve been lots of times, especially in my childhood. I love the landscapes, the food and the mentality of the people. The third country I have a relation to is Spain. To be more precise it’s the island Ibiza, where I was made.


This is just an example of the beauty of Portugal. I took this picture on a trip in 2019, when I visited my portuguese grandma.



I took this picture of a screen, when my graphics card had a glitch. Errors can be wonderful art.

Music is an important part of my life. Especially when I'm designing or coding I always listen to techno music. Or when I'm cleaning or on a commute. Also right now, while typing this text. In the past I have been DJ'ing in front of hundreds of people, remixing music and ghost producing as a hobby. If you want, you can listen to my favorite DJ sets on my always up-to-date Playlist on YouTube.


This is currently my main character in World of Warcraft.


One of my biggest hobbies is gaming. Preferably online games, because I like the social part and the competition. I’m playing World of Warcraft since the closed beta in Europe and am still playing it today, besides Heroes of the Storm, Warcraft 3 and Destiny 2. In general Blizzard is my favorite company when it comes to games. I love the universes they created, as well as the love and detail they put in their websites. That's where everything comes together, I guess.