My mother made websites with Microsoft FrontPage

In my childhood my mum created websites for businesses and friends as a hobby. All she needed was Microsoft FrontPage and the Corel Draw Clipart book. I believe this was the key reason, which inspired me to become a designer who also codes. A living WYSIWYG so to say.


I'm creating digital products since 2007. It started as a hobby and directly after school I started an internship as IT specialist. Many companies I worked for, come from the field of tourism, food, industry and clothes. I mostly work multidisciplinary – for example I create a design and then code a prototype or the whole product.


I have fun taking pictures and I don't take it too serious. It's more of a hobby. I love shooting photos of landscapes and buildings, as well as minimalist and abstract things.


Music is an important part of my life. When I'm designing or coding I always listen to techno music. In the past I have been DJ'ing in front of hundreds of people, remixing music and ghost producing as a hobby.

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