I created a brand identity and website for Ueberton




Ueberton is a company founded by friends of me. They offer sound engineering services and work with brands like Mercedes, Porsche, Aston Martin, Lufthansa and Telekom. In addition they do sound productions and music recordings in their own studio.


As a new company they needed everything from a logo to basic things like business cards and invoice presets. To stand out from their competition, they were in need of a distinctive branding that also transports their unique personality.


No branding existed at all, when Ueberton was founded and so I had the honor to create their brand identity from scratch. Besides art direction I also designed a website and coded it by myself.

Starting from scratch

Before I started creating the look of Ueberton, I did a lot of reasearch. I looked at many websites of their competition, but also at the hardware and software they use. All of them present themself in a bright appearance combined with mostly unspectecular colors. That's why I chose the complete opposite. A vibrant yellow placed in dark and matte scenes.

I combined these colors with the characteristic typeface Europa and made a special logo, featuring an angry gorilla, because that's what they wanted. I liked the idea, because logos don't always have to be so serious.


Unique layouts 

Every page received its very own layout. First, I created the layout in Sketch and afterwards I coded custom components for the WordPress theme.


I added a thoughtful transition to the menu. It highlights where the user is navigating to and always resets to the current page, when no click occurred.

Making things move

Meaningful and unintrusive transitions not only look good, but also enhance the user experience in a way of providing context and a clear action.

Launching soon (Demo)