We designed a microsite to present a private jet




Hapag-Lloyd Cruises


The Private Jet Albert Ballin is a product of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, a company that offers travels on their own cruise ships. Their private jet follows a similar concept like the cruise on a ship, but you travel by a plane instead. You start at one point and fly to multiple cities around the world, with a short stay, everything aboard an exclusive jet.


Previously Hapag-Lloyd Cruises was presenting the private jet on a sub-page on their website. Now it should receive it's very own website in form of a microsite in the existing CMS. The microsite should contain more content than the previous sub-page and have a different appearance.


At Polargold we created a concept for the new content structure. I accompanied this process with art direction and afterwards I did the design, as well as assisting the programmers with the development.

Storytelling with images

I designed an image-heavy experience to express the exclusiveness and uniqueness of the product. To make a futher distinction between the current website and the microsite, we choose a dark appearance and used a gold color, as well as the handwriting font they already used in their brochures. For the navigation we used an exploratory approach, where the menu is hidden in the burger and navigating is possible through an image-based pagination at the end of each page.


Inform and inspire

Their customers have many possibilites to access the content. Whether it is through the FAQ, the order of a catalogue or photo books of past trips, everything is crafted as a custom component and helps users find the information they need.


Content in the clouds

Overlays with semi-transparent and blurred backgrounds create a dynamic stage for multiple purposes, like the primary navigation, image galleries and videos.